The Big Reveal

Your patience has paid off and now you are finally about to see your first glimpse of where our family’s dreaming has taken us in the past 11 months!

DSC09075Standing in the spot where we dreamed of building our new house sometime mid-March 2012.


Clearing the space for the house foundation.


While our Maumelle house was on the market, Tim spent the summer months working on the framing.



After selling our Maumelle house and moving to Illinois with the boys for the month of December, Tim stayed behind to work on getting the house move-in ready for our return.

After many different types of delays, I am happy to say that we were finally able to move in on Friday, January 18, 2013!  Yippee!! There is much to be said about just being together as a family in your own home.  I don’t know what we would have done without the generous help of both our families with allowing us to crash with them for extended periods of time these past few months while waiting for the house to be finished!  God truly has blessed our family so much.

Here is what it looks like inside as we “camp out” and work on getting all the finishing details done in the downstairs before tackling the upstairs bedrooms.










photo 4

Has this journey been difficult – YES!  Have I found myself doubting and struggling to maintain a positive attitude no matter what – YES!  Have there been countless disappointments and heartaches along the way – YES!  Have I cried many tears of frustration – YES!


Have I seen God’s hand at work in my family’s lives this past year – YES!  Have I learned to trust my husband and follow his leadership no matter how crazy it seems – YES!  Have I gained a deeper appreciation for my husband’s visionary capabilities and leadership – YES!  Have we been blessed beyond imagination through all the ups and downs we’ve experienced along this journey – Yes, Yes, YES!!!

There is still much, much work to be done, but somehow looking back at all that has happened in just under a year, I have renewed confidence that we will indeed see the completion of our dream because “little is much when God is in it.” 🙂  I’ll post pictures as each stage is completed such as kitchen cabinets, walls painted, trim and molding, etc.