What Else Can Happen?

I’m learning that our family should never utter those words again. PERIOD! 

The month of November has been quite the experience for us all and it’s not even over yet.  Haha! (crazy lady laugh).  For starters, our new house under construction was 2 1/2 months behind schedule because of our contractor.  That was a huge delay for us considering the fact that all the other projects we had lined up to get the house ready to move into by the end of November had to be postponed.

I was able to go out the last weekend of October with all three boys in tow to help Tim get caught up on some of the projects.  In just two days, Tim was able to finish wiring almost the entire house while I worked on finishing up the caulking and insulation in the downstairs.

The first weekend of November we lined up babysitting for the boys and had everything planned out so that we could make the most of our weekend.  We worked all day Friday and used some of our time to do a huge Lowes run to pick up gutters and the kitchen counters.  First thing Saturday morning we were back at Lowes to pick up the bottom kitchen cabinets when Tim’s phone rang.  His step dad who was still in the hospital just across the street from Lowes had passed away quite suddenly.  We dropped all of our purchases and made a dash for the hospital to be with Tim’s mom.  Thankfully the boys were still at their aunt’s house and didn’t have to go through the drama of that morning.

Instead of working on the house, we found ourselves immersed in funeral preparations, family meetings and a boat load of other obligations.  On top of our grief over the loss of a loved one, Tim and I were also dealing with the grief of knowing it was going to be impossible to have our new house move-in ready by our closing date at the end of the month.

My parents called and gave us a much-needed back-up plan.  Knowing that we wouldn’t have a place to live for a while after selling our current home, they offered to take the boys with them back to Illinois after Thanksgiving.  This would free us up to work as much as possible that last week as well as finalize the sale of our home without the boys being under foot.  Knowing that the boys were going to be taken care of and not bounced around from place to place for who knows how long was a huge burden lifted off my shoulders.  My parents will only have the boys by themselves for a week before I fly out there to stay with them.  Now Tim will have almost the entire month of December to get the house move-in ready without all of us under his feet.

Knowing that the boys and I would be out-of-pocket for the month of December meant that I had to re-organize the packing and planning.  I had to get all of my Sunday school materials printed and ready to go for my co-teacher and make sure that all the Christmas presents and Christmas cards were sorted correctly since some needed to be delivered to friends/family in Arkansas and the rest needed to go up to Illinois for Christmas.  It also meant that all of our clothes needed to be placed in different boxes and suitcases since some were going to Illinois and the rest into storage.

The next obstacle to get through after the funeral and making arrangements for the boys and trying to finish the house and pack our current household belongings was to make it through I’s much-needed surgery.  Hahaha!  (crazy lady laugh again). 🙂  I’s surgery went great this past Tuesday and he seemed to be doing so well after he woke up from the anesthesia.  The little guy didn’t cry ONCE the entire time!  As he was being wheeled away from me in PreOp, he was giving the doctors and nurses high fives and then waved bye to me with a smile.  The nurses were amazed at his calm attitude toward saying goodbye to me without becoming all emotional and screaming.  He’s my little trooper that’s for sure!

The surgery lasted all of 30 minutes when I’s doctor came out to let me know how it all went.  The adenoids and tonsils were removed and thankfully no ear tubes needed.  There was only a little bit of fluid on his right ear but the left was crystal clear.  Yay!  The doctor told me that we should be able to notice an immediate difference in I’s breathing now that his gigantic tonsils were no longer blocking his throat.  So with the surgery out of the way, it was now a matter of surviving recovery. Oh boy!!!

We got home after an overnight stay at the hospital and everything was going okay until day four.  The doctor had warned us that around this time in the recovery process the muscles would be extremely sore and add to the amount of pain.  He wasn’t kidding!!  It has been a tremendous battle getting I to eat or drink anything because he just doesn’t want to swallow.  My stress and worry levels have topped out many times within the last 48 hours and I’ve found myself standing over a packing box just crying because I don’t know what to do to help my little man not hurt and how to finish packing our house so we can move and how I can control my emotions after being so sleep deprived this past week.  I miss my husband being home, but feel absolutely GUILTY asking him to come home and help with the boys because he needs to be at the property working on the house.  Ugh!!!

When everything seemed to be boiling to a head, the blessings came in the form of a much-needed Sonic Happy Hour trip where I found that little man would drink a grape slush and eat a few tater tots without falling apart.  Praise the Lord!  On top of that, I found that the Children’s Motrin seemed to be working better than the Tylenol.  (Makes sense since the Motrin is an anti-inflamatory medication as well as a pain reliever so it is more effective on treating the pain from the swelling).  There have also been the huge blessings of friends from church and family members stepping in the help with either babysitting or meals.  Those two things for me have been utter life savers!

So all in all, we are surviving and the countdown to moving day is slowly dwindling down to our final seven days.  And again, I will not utter those words because seven days is still plenty of time for more drama to happen in our lives. Oy vey!