NACD Update

We’ve had so many people asking us about I’s progress in NACD and what it is exactly, so today I thought I’d go ahead and do a post showing his latest progress and explaining a little bit more about the program.  First off, here is a short video explaining what NACD is and how it works with all children whether special needs or not.

Our initial interview to kick-start the program was the end of March.  As we waited for the customized program to be written for I, we were assigned some basic compliance training activities to do with him to prepare him for when we began implementing the daily program with him.  It was very apparent at the interview that he was NOT compliant at all.  In fact, I believe he screamed through most of it and refused to let the instructor near him.  So embarrassing!  At least the instructor saw just what we were dealing with since I made sure it was impossible to sugar coat his behavior or abilities. :-/

We followed our instructions for that first week and actually started implementing them with A as well as I.  One of the things on my goal list was for both boys to be potty trained.  Up until this time, it was an impossibility simply because of A’s stubbornness and I’s lack of comprehension.  Last time I tried potty training A, he gave himself a UTI from refusing to use the potty.  That child has a will of iron!  Needless to say, after working with the boys using the prescribed change in training methods, we saw a HUGE difference.  A was potty trained in a matter of days with not ONE fight.  Although we are still working toward potty training I, the change in his obedience has been dramatic.  Tim and I have also changed for the better now that we know how to administer effective correction so that we don’t become overly frustrated.  Never in a million years would I have thought a car seat and timer along with daily compliance training exercises could make such a positive change in our home.

So not only has A been potty trained and both boys increase their overall obedience, I has also learned to:

  • Drink from a cup with no spout, valve, flow regulator or straw
  • Chew his food without choking
  • Say words on command
  • Complete more tasks around the house with simple verbal instructions instead of visual

We are now a little over a solid month into the program, and I am so excited by all the changes I’ve seen.  What thrills me the most is that we are not having to drag I to outpatient therapy every day to get the training he needs.  NACD is training me and Tim how to do all the work with him at home.  Still amazed at the support and expertise of the NACD staff/coaches who are in contact with us daily!

Here are just a few short videos showing some before and afters.


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