Arkansas Down Syndrome Association New Moms’ Luncheon

Well, today was my first time to meet with many new and veteran moms in the world of Down syndrome.  What a great event!  I was able to meet one other new mom who came with her little six-month-old son and then several veteran moms who had so much encouragement and knowledge to pass along.

Lauren (12 years old) absolutely fell in love with I and would have held him the entire time if she could have.

Lauren’s mom had a wealth of information for me and was just a blessing all around getting to talk with.

Dawn hosted the luncheon at her house.  Her oldest son Colin has DS and her youngest Claire was also smitten with I.  She kept kissing his nose – sooo cute!

I was able to talk with moms who have been through multiple surgeries with their children starting at infancy.  One little boy had heart and intestinal surgeries at around 4 months of age and then tubes put in both ears at 9 months.  He is 2 and just beginning to learn how to walk on his own.  I was amazed watching him move around the floor because he was just soooo fast!  You’d blink and he’d be at the bottom of the stairs in the process of making his way up.  Just goes to show you that there really are NO limitations to what a child can do with the skills he/she possesses.

No matter what happens in the future with I’s individual case of Down syndrome, I am confident that God is going to provide for us and will continue to open new doors of opportunity for us.  I’m so thankful my little I is so “special.” 🙂