Less is Still Best

It might be the middle of January, but sometimes it feels like spring here in Arkansas when the temperatures go from single digits one week up to the high-60s the next.  This past weekend, the spring-cleaning bug hit Tim pretty bad, so he used some of his weekend free time to condense more.

He loves the Pottery Barn style and is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our home.  I had to laugh when I started thinking about what my bachelorette apartment looked like before we were married.  Never thought I was overly fufu-frilly, but compared to Tim’s style, my decorating was Wwwwaaaayyy too girly.  Porcelain dolls, dried flowers, vases, crocheted doilies, patchwork quilts, you name it!  When we moved from our first apartment in Cabot to our next apartment in Maumelle, we condensed A LOT.  I believe most of the things we purged from our new home were my belongings.  Haha!  Of course, I did convince him to relinquish his Ben-Hur shield that had been used as one of the original movie props.  Harsh of me, I know! 🙂  Figured if I could give up the porcelain dolls my mom and I had been collecting together since I was a girl, he could give up some of his “manly junk.”

We ended up with a style that has over the years continued to adapt to our lifestyle; however, it has remained with a more simplistic look.  This latest project was condensing books.  Aaaahhhh!!!  Tim and I both LOVE books, but with a small home, four small children, and a very dusty house, books just aren’t the perfect thing to fill precious space.

We had originally wanted to have matching bookshelves on either side of our cast iron stove but at the time could only find some cheap ones that fit the needed dimensions.  Instead of having the nice calming, organized effect we were hoping for, they instead were a constant eye-sore.  Always dusty from wood ash floating around and constantly all contents dumped onto the floor by little hands. Argh!  There are too many other important jobs for me to do during the day instead of organizing bookshelves again and AGAIN.

We got rid of one of the bookshelves and condensed all the books in our collection down to 1) ones we knew are no longer in print, 2) ones that we knew we wanted to use in our up-coming homeschooling years, 3) ones Tim uses in sermon preparation, 4) ones Tim just couldn’t let go of. 🙂

We shifted around the furniture and ended up with this…

This is the remaining black bookshelf. We removed the matching one of the other side of the stove.

The other side of the stove without the shelves and books.  We moved the chair out of the corner and made room for a much-needed toy basket to collect the stray toys every night. 🙂

The funky-looking curtains are only temporary during the winter months.  They are simply large pieces of flannel that we cover the windows and frames as soon as the sun sets to help keep the cold air from seeping in and the warm air from leaking out.  Did you know you lose 33% of your heat through your windows and frames?  We want to invest in some nice curtain rods and a nice material to make permanent curtains with.  Since I have the flannel, I can sew it onto the back of whatever material we purchase to make the nice insulated curtains.  Would be nice to have them for the summer as well to help cut down on the heat from the sun hitting the front of the house.  We are learning as we go!

The kiddos enjoy their new little space just for them, and again, cleanup is sooooo much easier!

My little music corner.  When the kids are older, I’ll be able to leave my music stand up on the other side of the piano along with my violin.  For now, everything must stay safely put away when not in use.  Stinks because I like to grab my violin to play a little bit when I have a few minutes.  In the past I found that I played more when my instrument was within quick grasp.  Right now it’s “out of sight, out of mind.” 😦


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