Two Years Later…

No working drains, no hot water, temporarily without running water, no refrigerator, no dishwasher, no pantry or kitchen cabinets, no ability to wash clothes in my washing machine, no bedrooms, no sidewalks, no driveway, no porch, rickety set of metal steps, no outside storage…Wow!  The list could go on and on about all the things we didn’t have when we actually moved into our home exactly two years ago today.  God has been soooo good to us!!!!!   Would I want to go back and relive those early days – NO!  Are you crazy?!?!?  Hahaha!  However, we have all learned so much about hard work, how to be more content living with less and the absolute JOY of looking around and seeing what can be accomplished with a lot of determination and sweat.  We are nowhere close to being done with all the things we dream about for this homestead, but we are just a matter of years away from being completely debt free, our children are gaining hands-on experience of caring for animals which is helping I overcome his sensory issues, growing their own food, and we are all daily reminded to trust in the Lord for our every need.

I can’t wait to see where we will be in another 12 months!

January 2013:

2013-01-08 17.19.34

2013-01-12 11.03.24

2013-01-12 12.49.27

2013-01-18 18.06.25

2013-01-18 20.29.27

January 2015:

2013-09-14 18.54.38

2014-11-24 12.37.57(edited

2014-11-25 17.53.29

2015-01-06 11.04.28

2015-01-06 11.05.27

2015-01-09 07.28.24



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