Two Mud Magnets

My last post was dedicated to E, so I thought this next one should focus on my two little cyclones – I and A.

I’m glad we took some quick snap shots to memorialize their latest escapade since I’m sure it will one day become one of those “Arrg, Moooom!” moments. Hehe!  When I’m old(er) and really wrinkled I’ll be able to pull these out and get a good laugh for the day.

While Tim and I were outside keeping an eye on the flocks of keets and chicks that we had let out of the pen in order to train, we let the boys play on the slide and swings.  Just when our attention was diverted elsewhere for a moment, they found their way over to the mud puddle and dived in – literally!

They were having such a great time, it was impossible to pull them away and end their merry mud making adventure.

This picture of I cracks me up because it looks like he sprouted the hereditary “Woosley” eyebrows.  Haha!  He just needs a dark cape and hat and he could be a classic storybook villain. 🙂

The brothers that play in the mud together, stick together – and I’m thinking that could be literal when the muck dries!

Praise the Lord for homestead living!  Instead of having to deal with the incredible muddy mess inside the house, the boys enjoyed the freedom of stripping down outside for a little “hosing off” before getting into the bath.  I enjoyed not having to spend the remainder of the evening cleaning mud off every walking surface inside the house!

Let’s just say it was a much-needed outside shower for these two!

Nothing better than getting all messy then getting to run through the sprinkler in the buff especially when the sprinkler has warm water coming out of it from being warmed by the sun all day. 🙂

Haha!  Good memory-making evening with these two little mud magnets.  Even after being hosed off outside, the bath water still turned a murky brown. Eewww!


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