A Boy, Boots and a Bike

This past week has been an exciting time for E.  Two very important factors came into play and have changed his world for the better.

The first was finding a new pair of rubber boots on the clearance rack while out shopping.  Do you know how hard it is to find rubber boots in the middle of flip-flop season?!?!?!   Flip-flops and homesteading just don’t seem to mesh unless you like the feel of animal droppings and dirt squishing between your toes.  Haha!  Poor E is definitely NOT a flip-flop kind of guy and had worn out his last pair of boots that he received as a birthday present in January.  So much so that his papa had duct-taped them together just so he could continue wearing them outside.  The problem was that they leaked like crazy so any time he jumped into a mud puddle, he would have to change his socks once entering the house.  (I was washing a LOT of socks!)  Considering we’ve had about 4 inches of rain this week, there are plenty of really good puddles just screaming to be jumped into.

2014-06-27 09.35.39 The second was when E finally gained up enough courage to start riding his bike again.  Around the middle of November, I found a good used bike for free.  This new bike was the next size up from the one E had been using but would soon outgrow.  E did very well riding the new bike last year, but when I tried to get him to ride it once the weather turned nice in the spring, he would run the opposite direction.

After months of working to help him regain his confidence, he finally got on and started pedaling down the road.  Even with a couple of spills when trying to turn, E got right back on the bike. Yay!  Now, in between thunderstorms, he can be found outside riding up and down the road like he’s done it all his life.

I asked him recently what his favorite thing to do outside is, and he replied that it’s riding his bike.  I’ve tried to use all of this to help him learn a valuable lesson in trust.   Just as he is learning to trust us when we warn him about playing in the tall grass because of poisonous snakes, he is learning to trust us when we say that the reward will be worth the hard work and effort.

Oh to be a kid again and zoom around on your first “set of wheels” while enjoying the freedom of no adult responsibilities!


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