Planning for Baby Girl’s Arrival

Yes, it is strange to think that we are actually having a GIRL for a change.  Weird to the point that I still just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact but know that I need to in order to be prepared.

Of all the things that will be different going from rearing three active boys to a GIRL is the simple fact that instead of blue and trains we are going to pink and dolls.  Yikes! 

With the help of my sister I’ve been able to acquire enough 0-12 month clothes to accommodate the up-coming seasons including shoes, hair bows, socks, tights, etc.  I just never knew that having a girl meant you had to have a separate wardrobe to fit all the extra doo-dads.  Haha!  It is so tempting to walk into a store and see an adorable little outfit on clearance and just want to add it to the collection; however, knowing that this is our fourth child and we have downsized in our living accommodations, meaning less storage space, helps me to remember to just keep on walking.  I’m thankful the Lord has provided for our needs and am continually grateful to be able to overcome the urge to splurge. 🙂

Of course, so many people have been asking us what we need for the new baby, that I’ve had to really think hard before giving an answer simply because we DON’T want to be inundated with “stuff” simply because it is either new or girly nor do we like giving attention to ourselves.  We sincerely want to live out the motto of “Less is best.” Again, the Lord has provided us with useful baby items that are perfectly fine although they are not “pink.”  Hense, I felt it wise to go ahead and put together this post so that those of you out there wanting to do something will understand our hesitancy in giving a registry or long list of baby items.  I have broken down our small list into two separate lists of things needed and things that would be nice to have but not exactly “must-have-to-survive” items.


  1. (18x) Alva Baby Cloth Diapers ($4.79/each at with free shipping) would prefer either girly or neutral colors
  2. Johnson & Johnson Lavender Bedtime Bath Soap
  3. Johnson & Johnson Lavender Bedtime Lotion
  4. Burp Cloths (prefer thick flannel type)
  5. Bibs
  6. Gripe Water
  7. Infant Gum Brush & Cleaner


Sweet Jojo Designs Little Ladybug Collection Crib Bedding Set (available at Would prefer only the 4-piece set, but it is sold in either a 9-piece or 11-piece set on all the different online sites I’ve viewed.  Thank you, Bekah Butler!!! Soooo excited. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Planning for Baby Girl’s Arrival

  1. Oh how exciting!! Girls are fun, but I KNOW what you mean about all the accessories! That’s all I’ve known, but I still get overwhelmed by it. 🙂 Remind me when your due date is? I’d love to offer to make your bedding for you–did you know that I did all of Emma Kate’s and do nurseries quite often for friends? Which 4 pieces are you looking at? Email me, cause I’d love to get you exactly what you want/need (and custom, just without the custom pricetag!!) 🙂

    • My official due date is August 16, but I’ll be very thankful if I can make it to at least the middle of July (36 wks). All my babies like to come early with each consecutive pregnancy getting at least one week shorter. We are hoping that by taking it as easy as possible now and possibly having to be on bed rest around 32 weeks, labor will hold off a little longer.

      Funny you should mention the custom bedding idea! I was just thinking this afternoon that it would be more practical to just take the bedding set we already have and re-cover the bumper pad and make a new bedskirt. I would only need to purchase coordinating generic sheets at any store. It’s not like I LOVE the lady bug theme, it’s just one that matched the color scheme of the bedroom she will be sharing with her brothers and looked girly but not overly so. Finding a bedding set with a red color theme is extremely difficult!!

      I would love to do something simple in coordinating red/white polka dots and ginghams with maybe a little bit of black or tan accents. Even the French toile pattern is cute. The 4-piece bedding sets in the stores usually come with a matching comforter which we never end up using because we have so many homemade quilts and afghans that are a better size as the baby grows. Email me your prices so I can show Tim.

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