Oh the Difference Blinds Make!

This past week my extra home project has been to finish all the downstairs windows and baseboards with caulking and painting.  It never fails that every time Tim sees the trim painted, he remarks on how thankful he is that he went with the better quality paint instead of trying to save an extra buck and go the cheap route.  It really does make a difference!  We went with the oil-based paint instead of the latex and spent a little extra on the brand that has less fumes and the brushes can be cleaned with simple soap and water.

At first we were going to order all the blinds through Wayfair.com, but by the time we had saved the extra money to check out, the price for all the blinds had increased dramatically.  I don’t know if at the time I put everything in the “cart” it was a special sale, but the new total went way above our budgeted amount.  Instead I started digging around online until I found a site that offered the custom faux wood blinds at a very reasonable price plus free shipping.  It turned out that there was an extra 30% off promo code that expired that very night that could be stacked on top of the sale price.  Apparently the show “Extreme Home Makeover” orders from this company a lot.  In the end we were able to order blinds for the entire house (which was adding four more blinds from our original Wayfair order) and we still came out over a $100 less.  Yippee!!!  It really does pay to do your research. 🙂

It took less than a week for all the blinds to be custom cut and shipped to our house.  Talk about an exciting day when the UPS man knocked on the door bearing those wonderful big boxes!

So here are the before and after pictures of what the downstairs looks like after installing the blinds.







(Don’t mind the missing curtain!  Just waiting to get my sewing machine and sewing box out of storage in order to finish making a matching one for this window.  All in good time. :-))

We still have a little bit of baseboard left to finish then it’s just a matter of installing all the crown molding in every room, encasing the support beams and painting, then installing the tile around the bathtub.  Those are the big projects left for the downstairs.  Can’t believe the list of downstairs projects has shrunk to just those last few items!  Praise the Lord!!  Just extremely proud of all Tim’s hard work. 🙂

Things will look even more homey once we collect a few more of our things from storage.  The goal is to bring home all of our books, living room vases/decorations and all my canning supplies along with the remainder of kitchen items.


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