Kitchen and Bathroom – Before & After

We are quickly approaching our 2-month mark for living out at the new house and little by little things are really starting to come together.  I still have no idea where Tim gets all his energy and drive from!  He is still working full-time at the law firm (plus bringing paperwork home to work on in the evenings), filling the pulpit more at church, keeping up with his TDK Webwork business, and still being the wonderful husband and father to his family while continuing to fix all the things around the house. Phew!  I get tired just thinking about all the work he does!  Haha!  I’m trying to keep up with him as best I can, but my diabetes and this pregnancy kind of feel like the life has been drained out of me at times.  Makes me even more thankful that my dad and Uncle Ron could come down and help Tim with some of the bigger projects like getting the tankless hot water heater installed and all the downstairs’ woodwork finished.

I hope these pictures can give you a little glimpse into Tim’s productivity.  This weekend promises to be very busy yet productive since we will be tackling the upstairs to get the bedrooms and stairwell finished as quickly as possible. 

Kitchen Pictures



Bathroom Pictures


After – still need to put up the white tile around the shower.



Have to admit that the $25 Craigslist sink and vanity we found turned out nice with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware.  It’s crazy to think that was all we had to pay for all the cabinets inside the bathroom!  The tall cabinets on the opposite side of the sink were free because we re-used them from the remodeling project we did at our previous house we sold.  Just updated them with a coat of white paint.  We even repurposed a wall mirror we had in our bedroom to use as the vanity mirror.  One of the small details to finish will be installing a faucet to match the hardware.



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