Safari Baby Shower for Baby Bean

So excited to welcome my friend’s first baby!!!  It was a great time to get creative and practice lots of new crafty ideas for gifts while helping to put together the baby shower. 

For starters I finished up a baby afghan and nursing cape with a monogram on the bottom corner.  Then I tried my hand out on an onesie applique to be used as a door prize at the shower.

Part of the decorations included a diaper cake.  This was my first diaper cake to experiment with and all I can say about the experiences was IT WAS FUN. 🙂  I ended staying up until past 2 a.m. finishing all the little details because I couldn’t stand the thought of going to bed and not being able to see the finished result.  On top of that, I was getting so much more accomplished without my three boys interrupting me every five minutes.  Haha!


(Sorry about all the glue strings in the picture!  It was VERY late and I didn’t notice them at the time I was taking pics.)

Decorations at the church…



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