Indoor Herb Garden

My first experiment with an indoor garden.  I’m hoping that if I can get the hang of growing plants from seeds indoors during the winter and then planting them in a garden when spring comes, it will be a great money saver once we move out to our 20 acres.  One package of seeds (which can potentially grow approximately 50 plants or more) costs $1.28.  One mature tomato plant costs around $8-9.  Get the idea of how much it would save if I can get the hang of this winter growing thing?  Sometimes I wish I had a green thumb like my old roommate Velma.  She could make anything grow!! 🙂

Started out with purchasing four pots on clearance for $2/each.  Also purchased a small bag of gravel, potting soil and seeds.

Put a scoop of gravel in the bottom of each pot for drainage purposes and to keep the plants free of root rot.

Filled the pots with potting soil leaving a 1-2 inch headspace.  Add enough water to get all the soil nice and saturated.

Divide the pot into quarters and place a few seeds in each section.

Gently cover with 1/4 inch potting soil.

Gently sprinkle with water to moisten the top layer of soil but not enough to wash away the seeds.


Make labels for your pots so you’ll know what each one is when it starts to grow.

Place containers in an area that receives plenty of sunlight.  Water and rotate pots every day.

What they look like after being planted two weeks ago.


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