Beat the Heat!

God has truly been at work in our family these past several months when it comes to new opportunities to reach out to other families in our area with Down syndrome.  I am so thankful to be a part of a group of families that all have the same vision and desire to make a positive difference for our children.  Through Heather Wood’s Fabebook group “Buddy Talk” we have been able to connect to more and more families every day.

One of the highlights of working with our group “Central Arkansas Buddy Talk” is that we have been able to organize monthly events for the remainder of the year.  Yay!  July’s event was “Beat the Heat” at War Memorial Park where families were invited to come for some fun and encouragement.  Everyone had a great time and we were able to get to know two new families.  Yippee!!!  Next week we are all going to a Traveler’s baseball game together and in September our group will be heading to the Little Rock Zoo.  Even though we aren’t seeing hundreds of families attend these outings, being able to reach out and befriend just one new family is priceless.

This past Saturday evening I had the opportunity to meet up with my friends Heather, Vonda, Janet, Tricia and Robin as we strategized and worked on projects for the up-coming “Gettin’ Down for Down Syndrome” dance hosted by the Arkansas Down Syndrome Association.  Our Cent. Ark. Buddy Talk group has been asked to organize the acitivies for this huge event, and we have been LOVING the opportunity to plan and work together.  I felt like a high schooler sprawled out on the living room floor at Heather’s house with poster boards and markers all around while laughing my head off at one of the other mom’s stories. 🙂  The dads and kids were all having a great time outside playing in the pool or on the swings while we planned and worked on our signs. 

Again, I am just utterly AMAZED at the amount of talent and motivation this group of families has!  As well as working on the up-coming event, we also had the priviledge of learning more about Tricia and Robin’s “Precious Baby Ministry for Down Syndrome” and the work they are doing with the hospitals and doctors to get information into new parents’ hands as soon as possible.  Anyone out there reading this and know of parent with a new baby diagnosed with Down syndrome, please send them over to so they can be filled in on all the latest therapy and nutrition options and much, much more.  Tricia and Robin have done so much research and have put together a book with a collection of stories, articles, websites, books and other resources by parents of children with DS.

Stay tuned to see all that will be taking place in the Down syndrome world!


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