Joining the Ranks…

The little guy has a total of 7 razor teeth with more trying to cut through even now, yet he has had no inclination to use them other than chewing on material or whatever he can stuff into his mouth. 🙂  Although a lot of people out there think it is vital that a  baby start eating solids by six months or around that age, I believe that a child will let you know when he/she is ready to start weaning.  I would just offer foods periodically to see if he would accept them (which he wouldn’t).  My little guy has been thriving on nursing alone so I am a happy mama.  🙂  I mean, come on, nursing is FREE and I get the joy of being able to bond more with my little guy.

A was in his Bumbo seat on the table (his usual meal-time place) while his two older brothers were eating their lunches.  I looked over to find that he had snagged a Clementine out of the fruit bowl and was attempting to shove the entire fruit into his mouth.   He ended up getting a good bite in before I snatched it away from him.  I waited to see his usual response to anything with flavor (a gag reflex where his face scrunches up and his eyes shut), but this time he surprised me.  Instead of gagging, he gave me a look of utter reprimand for taking away his food/toy.

I was shocked that he hadn’t reacted to the flavor of the Clementine in a negative fashion!  I peeled the fruit then held out a sliver for him to bite/taste.  To my delight he latched onto the offering and began sucking the life out of it then bit down and started to chew!!!

He was still whining for more after finishing off the slices of orange, so I found a jar of baby applesauce in the pantry and started spoon-feeding him.  Oh my, he loved that!!!!  No more worries about him taking a long time to figure out what to do with a spoon in his mouth or the different food textures.  After watching his behavior and ability to adapt to chewing, I believe my baby boy is ready for table food.  Nice to know we can just skip the expense and hassle of buying baby food at the store.  I just need to dig out my food mill, and A will be a happy camper come dinner time. 🙂


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