1 day + 1 piece of meat + 3 recipes = 5 meals w/ leftovers!

I stumbled upon a great piece of meat on the Manager Special at Kroger this past Tuesday and knew immediately what I was going to do with it.  With a little bit of extra work in the kitchen at the beginning of the day, I was able to create five meals not counting the leftovers used for Tim’s lunches.  That broke down to a $1.47 per main meal.  If each meal has at least enough leftovers for one lunch then the total cost would only be $0.73/meal.  Yippee!

The basic ingredients that turned into this…

Three BBQ pulled pork meals and pulled pork taco meat placed in the freezer for future meals.  The pork shoulder roast was enough for dinner that night and a hearty lunch for Tim the next day.

First start with a nice pork shoulder roast that you can divide into two large pieces.

Prepare your base ingredients for both recipes (BBQ pulled pork and garlic pork shoulder roast).  The ingredients for the roast rub are 3 T. olive oil and 3 T. minced garlic.  Once you have those two things started, you can go ahead and cut your piece of meat in two.  (Don’t forget to remove any excess fat from the meat before cooking!!)  Place one piece on top of the onion in the crockpot and add 1/2 C. water.  Cover and cook on low for approx. 8 hours.

Use a Dutch Oven or roasting pan for the roast.  Brush or rub the garlic and oil all over the roast then season with salt and pepper to taste.  I placed mine back inside the frig with the lid on until it was ready to start cooking around noon.

Cook roast at 425 degrees for 20 minutes with the lid off.  After that time, place the lid back on and turn down the oven to 325 degrees.  Continue roasting for approximately 4 hours (3-4 pound roast).

When the meat is through cooking inside the crockpot, carefully remove it to a platter and shred with a fork.  Place a portion of the meat into a freezer bag for the pork tacos and the rest back into the crockpot.  Mix together 2 C. BBQ sauce, 2 T. honey, 2 T. mustard and 1 T. soy sauce.  Combine sauce with the meat inside the crockpot.  Cook for an additional hour.

With about 1.5 hours remaining on the cook time for the roast, I added a small bag of baby carrots to the pot then re-covered and continued cooking.

The final results!!!

The only thing I would do differently with the pork roast would be to add some different seasonings to give it a little better flavor.  It tasted good, but I think a little rosemary or thyme would really “kick it up a notch.”



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