The $1.25 Cure

Isaac’s ear canals are the size of a pen tip and therefore impossible to clean or even have tubes put in to help with the fluid buildup.  These past four months his left ear has been retaining more and more fluid.  We’ve been having to see the ENT every month to have his ears checked for infection and cleaned.  Thankfully he has not had any infection although the volume of fluid has steadily increased with each passing month.  I can only imagine what that must feel like to Isaac.  He is already struggling in speech so having one of his ear drums blocked by all that fluid must make things sound incredibly warbled.  It’s like listening to someone talk under water!

Our only option was to wait until Isaac turns three to have his tonsils and adenoids removed and then the doctor would be able to do a small incision into the tympanic membrane to create an opening to suction out all the fluid.  In the meantime, we just had to hope and pray that his hearing wouldn’t cause extreme speech delays and the fluid wouldn’t cause infections.

While up in Illinois, I picked up a few ear candles from the Amish town near my parents’ home.  I thought for only a $1.25, it was worth giving a try to see if it would help with Isaac’s hearing.

It works by tilting your head all the way to the side and placing the tip lightly inside the ear opening and lighting the opposite end with a match.  As the candle burns, the heated air inside the candle flows into the ear warming the wax and loosening it.  The wax is then pulled out of the ear and up into the candle by the natural vacuum reaction from the flame.  It is completely painless and simple to use.

At his last speech therapy session, I didn’t mention that I had cleaned Isaac’s ears but waited to see if his therapist noticed any difference in his vocalizations.  After therapy was over, Isaac’s therapists commented to me that it seemed as if Isaac was a completely different kid.  He was jabbering up a storm and making all kinds of different animal sounds at the approriate times.  Yay!

The final test will be when Isaac goes in for his ENT appointment tomorrow.  The doctor will be able to verify if there is no longer any fluid in the ear when he goes to look at the ear drum.

Amazing how much junk can come out of one little guy’s ears!!!  Now we won’t have to pay the $60+ each month just to have Isaac’s ears cleaned by the ENT.  I just think these candles are AMAZING and love how well they work!!!


4 thoughts on “The $1.25 Cure

  1. That’s wonderful! Poor little guy. I can’t imagine how annoying that must be to have all that fluid in your ear all the time. He’s probably feeling so much better. I can’t wait to hear what the ENT doc says. Hope you’ll update us.

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