I Need a Vacation After My Vacation

What’s that saying…”Land on your feet running?”  That’s how I feel after arriving home yesterday with the boys around dinner time and trying to unpack and prepare for all of the following day’s events.  The thing I hate the most upon returning home after a vacation is the mound of laundry and cleaning that must be done.  Blah!  But as much as I hate feeling overwhelmed by the load of work pressing on my shoulders, I’m forever thankful for routines and just being “home.”  Not to mention the all important fact that I am with my handsome hubby after being separated for a week.

As much as I would have LOVED to relax after all that driving, instead we all jumped back into our Tuesday routine.  Isaac had two hours of therapy this morning so while he was busy working at Easter Seals with his therapists, I took the other two boys with me to get half of the grocery shopping done.

We finished up with one store and swung back around to pick up Isaac at school.  Then we headed to Kroger to finish up the grocery shopping and head home to unload food and kids.  In this extremely hot weather it’s always a toss up as to what to unload first – frozen foods or kids!  Hahaha!

Got everyone some lunch and the two little ones down for a nap in good time then set in to get the kitchen cleaned, house picked up and the laundry started.  It didn’t help knowing that our prospective buyer was coming by at 3 p.m. with a few inspectors.

After everything was cleaned and baby boy fed again, I tackled canning a batch of salsa and pizza sauce since we are completely out of both.  Yikes!

Then with a few minutes to spare after throwing dinner in the crockpot, I made a double batch of laundry soap.  I’m glad I had just enough Borax to make the double batch and throw away yet another bulky box that I don’t want to mess with packing.

Now all that’s left to do is actually FOLD my mountain of laundry….gulp….I threw it all on my bed to force myself to fold it before I could go to sleep tonight.  My own version of tortuous motivation. 😦  Haha!  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to slow down a bit and get all my computer projects out of the way and finish boxing up more closet items to prepare for moving to storage.  We’ll see…



One thought on “I Need a Vacation After My Vacation

  1. Welcome home, Amy! So grateful God gives you bounteous grace to accomplish so much each day. I chuckled at your load of laundry to be folded…..I’m thinking in 10-15 years you will smile at your little stack of short-legged clothes. I have more girls than boys but you’d never know it by my laundry…I do at least 4-5 loads for boys for each one load for the girls. Look forward to seeing you and those sweet boys next Sunday!

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