E.M.G. Fruit Pancakes

Keeping with my latest theme of summer produce usage and not wasting food, I came up with this tasty breakfast idea for the family. 

EMG (everything must go) has been my family’s way of saying “clean out the frig” or “we’re eating up all the leftovers for our meal.”  I used my mom’s buttermilk pancake recipe for the pancakes but changed a few ingredients.  Then I incorporated the leftover fruit salad I had inside the refrigerator from part of Monday’s dinner.  I’ve been trying to do more in getting the boys (and myself especially) to eat more raw fruits and veggies for our meals.  The only problem with eating more fresh foods is that they don’t have a very long shelf life.  It’s quite a challenge trying to find creative ways to use these different foods before they spoil.  However, any extra work is worth the health benefits if we can continue along this path.  One day, when we are settled onto our new homestead, we will be growing lots of fruits and veggies so I need to start preparing for that day by researching and experimenting with new recipes now. 🙂

When mixing the pancake batter, decrease the flour to 1 1/8 C. and add a heaping 1/4 C. coconut (single recipe).  If you don’t have coconut in the house, try using chopped apples or mashed bananas.  You can add just about any kind of fruit to the batter.  Just alter the amount of flour depending on the fruit’s texture (i.e. if using bananas, use the full amount of flour called for in the recipe).

You end up getting lovely fluffy pancakes with a delicate sweetness from the coconut.  When adding the fruit salad, all the natural fruit juices get absorbed by the pancakes adding to the sweet flavor.  This was WAY better than syrup and a LOT healthier too!

Happy that in the end we had a yummy, hot, healthier breakfast and still succeeded on contributing to cleaning out the refrigerator.


3 thoughts on “E.M.G. Fruit Pancakes

  1. I’m loving the recipe ideas you’ve been posting. This is a good idea. We’ve been getting a lot of produce and it is very hard to make sure we eat it all before it goes bad. Thanks for a new idea!

    • Glad you like it! 🙂 If you don’t already, try freezing your apples, bananas, strawberries and other berries before they spoil. Over-ripe bananas can be peeled and wrapped in plastic wrap then placed in a zipper freezer bag inside the freezer. They are great to use in baking. Chop your apples into bite-sized pieces before freezing in 1/2 – 1 cup portions so you can easily pull out and use in muffins, cakes etc. whenever needed. Do the same with your extra berries and you’ll have plenty to use I’m different recipes. Shredd your zucchini and freeze in 2 cup portions for breads and cakes or chop up small to use in stir-fry dishes. You can even freeze grapes and melon! Prepare all the desired fruits you want in a fruit salad then freeze them all together. When you need a quick side dish, pull out of the freezer and let thaw.

    • Forgot to mention this idea…. The family really Iikes the Morning Glory Muffins that have shredded carrot and chopped apples in the batter. The last time I snagged a good deal on both those ingredients I went ahead and prepared several bags full of the exact measurements needed to make several batches. Now when I want a quick hot breakfast in the morning, I only have to mix the dry ingredients and a few wet ones with a package of the frozen fruit and veggies. Easy

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