Central Arkansas Buddy Walk

Goodness, there is just so much I could talk about with this latest event we went to this evening!  For starters I am so proud of Leigh Anna Askins and her family for working so hard to organize this event.  Major kudos to you!!! 

Everyone was thrilled that even though this was the first ever Central Arkansas Buddy Walk we had over 300 people show up to walk and raised $3,000 to be divided equally among the Special Olympics, Community Connections (which works with disabled individuals here in Arkansas), and Miracle League Baseball.

Leigh Anna’s niece Abby, the 2012 Miss Diamond winner, was smitten with Isaac and kept asking to hold him whenever she was around.  She ended up holding him while she gave a short speech in front of the crowd.  He’s just so cute, no wonder she couldn’t resist his charms!  🙂

Elijah and Isaac even made it to the 10 O’clock news on KATV Channel 7 along with a few of his little friends.  I just wish that the news station would post the link to the video on their website so you all could see the clip.  It was wonderful for Down syndrome public awareness!

One of my favorite moments of the evening was when Isaac walked across the field on his own toward Tim and a large group of people started clapping and cheering for him. 🙂  Maybe it was so special to me because it sums up what events like this do for the families who come.  You realize that you are never alone with the ups and downs of Down syndrome but are surrounded by others who truly understand.  Total strangers where cheering for my son as if he was their own child reaching a huge life-goal.  When your child is born with Down syndrome, the doctors will tell you Trisomy 21 means you have an extra chromosome, but they don’t tell you it means you have an additional family.  Too bad they leave out that most important piece of information!

Looking forward to getting together next month!  Whoo hoo!! 🙂


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