Mr. Snaggle-tooth Turns 7 Months

I told myself I wouldn’t do it, but I blinked anyhow and time speed up on me.  SEVEN MONTHS!!!! Aaahhhh

Life has been so crazy around here with family visiting, closing on our new 20-acre property, getting our house prepared to sell, putting the house up on the market, dealing with house showings at the drop of a hat, garage sale, sick children, and the usual barrage of doctor and therapy appointments.  The list could go on and on, but I won’t bore you with all the details. 🙂  It’s just been too easy to forget to savor each day and make memories together.

However, in all of the craziness, I’ve noticed a pattern to which I am continually thankful – every time our to-do lists increase in size and put more time constraints on the family, God has shown His grace.  Just when it looked like Tim would crumble under the weight of all the different responsibilities he has, his boss allowed him to shift his office hours around giving him Fridays off.  Yippee!!!  The entire family has been benefiting from this one extra day with Papa.  It feels as if we actually get a Saturday to spend together as a family since Tim has 3-day weekends.  In the past his one free day each week has been sucked up with projects at the property, ministry, or house.  Having that one extra day has helped us all relax a little more and spend quality time together as a family instead of rushing to cram all our responsibilities into any available free time.

I’m always happy to have my hubby home more but even more so for the boys’ sakes.  Eli acts like he’s on “cloud nine” any time Tim lets him tag along to help with a project.  Just a few days ago, Eli came running into the house gushing with the story of how Papa let him use the hammer to drive some nails into a piece of wood.  Hahaha!  He thought he was so grown up. 🙂

I love being home with my boys each day, but there are times, when “mom” is just not enough for them.  Even 7-month-old Adam (though still a baby) needs time with Papa.  Pretty soon even he will be tackling Tim to the ground along with his older brothers as soon as Tim walks through the door.  This mama isn’t all that good at tackling and wrestling. 🙂  I can be a great tickle monster, but no one can fill Papa’s shoes when it comes to wrestling on the floor.

So here’s a glimpse of today’s memory as we celebrate Adam’s 7-month milestone (and one little snaggle tooth).


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