Finally Got to Use My Birthday Present!

My mom surprised me this past December with a brand new sewing machine for my birthday present.  Talk about being surprised!!! 🙂  I’ve always wanted a sewing machine of my own, but could never justify purchasing one myself since I’m not a very good seamstress.  If I had a sewing project in the past, I would simply go over to my sister’s house and use her machine.

Even though I’ve been the proud owner of such a fancy contraption now for almost half a year, I am just now putting it to good use.  I haven’t had the time to run off to the fabric store to find material and then my sister wanted to borrow my machine to use the fancy stitching patterns on her felt birthday crowns she was making for all her nephews.

My mom gave me some of her leftover material scraps to experiment with earlier this week, so last night after cleaning up the kitchen, I sat down to see what I could come up with. 🙂

I’ve been wanting a kitchen apron to wear when I cook/bake so I will stop messing up all my shirts with flour or grease spots.  Thankfully some fo the material my mom gave me was a light-weight canvas.  Even though my project didn’t turn out perfect, I’m very pleased with the end result especially considering the fact that I didn’t have a pattern or anything to use.

Getting all set up and ready to “create!”


 My birthday present from my parents.

 Love the cute flower pattern the machine can stitch!

The best part is the apron is reversible!  Yay for me!!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Finally Got to Use My Birthday Present!

  1. Wow! She got you a NICE one. I’ve been looking at Janomes, to replace my well-used Singer, but they’re not in our budget.

    • No kidding, Heather! It even has an automatic button hole maker. You just put the button you are going to use on this little tray and the machine measures it and creates the exact sized button hole for you. Who would have ever thought that doing buttons would be easier than zippers!

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