Strawberry Jelly

So happy that I finally learned how to make strawberry jelly!  My kids LOVE PBJ sandwiches so we go through quite a bit of jelly in this house. 🙂  It’s nice to know that I now possess the skills to make my own whenever needed instead of bumming off of my mom or sister.  Hahaha!

Not only is this jelly wonderful for every-day use but it also makes a fabulous gift when needed.  Any type of homemade food item is always a welcome gift but especially if it is neatly pre-packaged in a convenient jar.  Add a little decoration to the top (i.e. material, ribbon, etc.) and you are ready to gift it.

My sister and I added up the total cost of all the ingredients we purchased to make several batches of regular jelly and freezer jam (24 pints jelly; 18 half pints freezer jam) and discovered that each pint cost approximately $2.53.  This was not including the price of lids or jars since we already had those in our canning stockpiles.  We purchased a total of 4 strawberry flats = $60; sugar and pectin = $23.49.  Smucker’s Strawberry Jelly cost $3.18/pint.  So in one afternoon of canning we saved $21.45 plus get to enjoy the wonderful taste of “homemade” jelly without all the added preservatives and corn syrup.  I’d still make homemade jelly even if it ended up costing more than the store stuff for the taste alone!!  Hands down the BEST!

For one batch of jelly (4 pints) you will need:

  • 5 C. cleaned, washed pureed strawberries (approximately 4 quarts or 1/2 flat)
  • 4 T. lemon juice
  • 1/3 C. fruit pectin (powdered) [or 1 box]
  • 7 C. sugar

Add 5 C. pureed strawberries to a large pot.







Add 1/3 C. or 1 box fruit pectin (powdered).







Add 4 T. lemon juice.







Stirring constantly, bring to a roiling boil.







Add 7 C. sugar.  (It helps if you have this already measured out in a bowl so you can add it quickly to the boiling pot.)






Stir constantly.  When it reaches a roiling boil, set the timer for 2 minutes and continue stirring.







After the two minutes, remove from heat.  Skim off the foam from surface.







Pour into cleaned, sanitized pint jars leaving a 1/4 inch head space.









Clean the edges with a clean, wet cloth to ensure there are no cracks or chips in the jar and no food is left on the surface.  Place heated canning lid on each jar and seal with band.






Place upside down for 5 minutes after which time turn right side up and let rest for 24 hours before removing bands and storing.






Part of the todays completed work to be divided with my mom and grandma.







All the kids enjoying a special movie after lunch while we finished up our work in the kitchen.

Hahaha!  Elise is soooo ready for a baby brother or sister!!!!  She can’t get enough of loving on her baby cousin. 🙂


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