Can’t Resist the Music!

We pulled Eli’s race track out of the cabinet the other day and both boys are having a ton of fun playing with the “new” toy.  That is of course after the hour or so of almost constant screaming by either party.  Sharing wasn’t something either one wanted to contribute participation. Haha!  Go figure!! 🙂

Apparently this morning both boys had a different attitude and were content to play together.  I’m proud of Eli allowing his little brother to learn how to play with him and proud of Isaac for watching and learning where to place the cars on the track.

Here’s a short video on Isaac’s new dancing moves.  We all forgot that the race track has a button that plays this loud music when pushed.  Eli discovered it sometime last night, and this morning, we kept laughing like crazy because every time Isaac would hear that music he would immediately stop what he was doing and start this crazy dance.  It reminded me of “The Pied Piper.”  He just can’t resist music!


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