Very Exciting Morning!

So excited that I was able to pick up two new icing tips for only $1.69.  I needed to find a “grass” tip to use on Isaac’s birthday cake in a few weeks, and I was thrilled when that tip along with a basket weave tip came as a set.  Yippee!  If I have time today, I’m going to bake a cake just so I can experiment with different types of decorating. 🙂

BUT, the best excitement for today came when Isaac took five solo steps at therapy.  His PT had him walk toward me in the lobby all by himself.  I didn’t know whether to burst into tears or jump up and down squealing in delight over this HUGE achievement.  I settled instead for scooping my little guy up into a bear hug and showering him with praise and kisses. He deserved it!!! 🙂  Any day now he’s going to take off and start cruising all over the place on his own two feet… any day now….


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