Haircuts at Home – $$ Saver

Unlike women who can go several months without cutting their hair, men (who like a clean-cut style) must do monthly upkeep.  The average cost for an adult hair cut at a walk-in salon (here in Arkansas) is $12.50.  A child’s haircut is about $9.  If your husband gets his hair cut every month that would come to the total of $150/year.  Those of us with boys at home as well as our husband could spend well over $300/year.  In my home since I have four males present (the youngest one not quite ready for a hair cut yet :-)), I am already saving $366/year.  When my youngest is old enough to need a hair cut, the total will increase to $474/year.

For a $20 investment in a Wahl hair trimmer at your local retailer you end up with a great return.  In my case, over the span of 18 years (the length of a child living at home) I will have saved the family budget $8,532 by cutting all my men’s hair at home.  Not to mention it also saves on the headache of trying to squeeze in time to go to the salon and wait your turn.  I love being able to get everyone’s hair cuts out of the way when it works into our normal schedule.  My boys know that as soon as they finish with their hair cuts, they get to jump in a bubble bath.  That’s all the motivation they need to sit still while I cut their hair. 🙂

For the little guys, I just have them sit inside a Bumbo on the kitchen table.  Letting them watch a cartoon on the iPad also works great at keeping them occupied and still while I cut.

Eli is older and able to balance safely on the tall bar stool, but he still enjoys getting to watch a cartoon while I work.

The fun of getting cleaned up after a monthly hair cut!


One thought on “Haircuts at Home – $$ Saver

  1. They’re cute. Love the bubble bath pics! I used to do haircuts for James and Cannon…but I was only good at the short ones. Longer hair defeats me–and I could never get James’ different lengths quite right.

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