A Teaching Moment

While sweeping the house this morning, I noticed some twigs and things sticking out of the wreath hanging on our front door.  On closer inspection, I discovered that a few birds had been busy building a little nest between the front door glass and my evergreen wreath.

I called Eli over to show him the nest and when we looked inside there were two little bird eggs.  Eli was so excited he called Isaac over to show him the cool nest.  Of course Isaac wanted nothing to do with the weird-looking thing Eli was trying to shove in his face.  Hahaha!

Needless to say, Eli had many, many questions about how the nest was built and where the eggs came from.  It was a great hands-on learning moment for him and truly sparked his desire to understand more about birds and God’s wonderful creation.

For those of you out there who are upset with me for taking down the nest in order to show my son what was inside, please don’t be.  The nest was going to be destroyed anyway because it was about to be packed away with the seasonal decorations.  The birds just picked the wrong place to build a nest – front doors just don’t work well!  On top of that, after the eggs hatched, the parents wouldn’t come back to feed the babies because of all the human traffic going in and out of the front door.  The babies would eventually die from starvation or fall out of the nest and be eaten by our neighbor’s cats which is exactly what happened the last time birds built a nest on our front porch.


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