A Day of Fun for Only $1

In the ten years I’ve lived here in Little Rock, I’ve never visited the Museum of Discovery.  One of my previous bosses was on the museum’s board of directors and was always heading over there for meetings, but I just never got around to visiting the place in my free time. 

My excuse was always time AND money… I love taking the boys to places I know they will enjoy, but I am always afraid to fork out a lot of cash on a new place and they end up wanting to leave as soon as we arrive.  Yesterday was our first trip to the Museum of Discovery because a friend had let me know that the first Sunday of every month is $1 admission for the first 1,000 visitors.  Yay for discounts!!! 🙂

The best part is that we were able to go with some of our friends whom we’ve gotten to know through the Arkansas Down Syndrome Association and my sister’s family!  It was such a GREAT Sunday afternoon full of fun.  The boys were all wiped out from all the excitement and passed out as soon as we got them buckled into their car seats, but it was well worth the extra fatigue.

Here’s just a sample of the activities we were able to enjoy with the Staffords, Lowrances and Durands.  Sorry the pictures are fuzzy, I walked out of the house without my camera so I had to rely on Tim’s camera phone for pictures. (I was sooo disgusted with myself for forgetting something so important on a day like this.)

Sam and Isaac waiting in the museum lobby.

The kids spotting the huge tubes blowing scarves around inside them.

Examining the human skeleton

Isaac moving the ball with his brain waves.

Kaydence and Shawn pulling on the “guts” to see how far they stretch.

Tim, Eli and Isaac listening to their heartbeats by way of a drum.

Eli and his cousins having fun with the smoke machine that imitates tornado formation.

Glad I missed this display!  Those are some HUGE bugs!!!!

 All in all it was probably one of the funnest family activities we’ve done in a while and it only cost us $4 instead of $28.  Whoo hoo!!! 🙂


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