The Mighty Plastic Bag – $$ Saver

Okay, so back to the whole recycling business.  How many people actually remember to bring all their used shopping bags back to the store and place them in the bins by the entrance doors?  I know for me, remembering to bring those used bags is the LAST thing on my mind when trying to coral three boys, coupons, grocery lists, etc. in order to get the grocery shopping done.

Don’t feel guilty anymore about not returning your plastic sacks to the store.  There are so many great ways to re-use those little gems that will even save you money.

Since I’m really into baking lately, I’ll just show you a few of the ways I’ve found to incorporate the plastic sacks into the kitchen for saving money.

Instead of using expensive plastic wrap every time you need to cover your cookie sheets to freeze your dough, use two plastic sacks instead. (NOTE:  Please throw away the bags you use to carry raw meat as soon as you put away the contents so that you don’t inadvertently re-use the sack and contaminate any of your baking!)

The handles should fit perfectly over the end of your pan securing the first bag.







Cover the other half of the pan with the second bag and loop the handles over the end.

You now have a perfectly covered cookie sheet ready for freezing bread dough.





You can also use a plastic bag to cover your dough when it rises.  Some recipes specifically state to use plastic wrap instead of a tea towel to cover the dough.  I know the Artisan Bread recipe says to do this.





These are just two of the ways I’ve been able to use my grocery bags instead of throwing them in the trash.  They are also great to have on hand when you get a nasty diaper explosion from one of your children while out and about.  Use one to place soiled clothes inside and another to wrap the putrid smelling diaper in before chucking into the trash.  (Those who come behind you will greatly appreciate the fact that you didn’t just chunk the smelly bomb into the trash by itself!)  This saves from having to spend money on the pretty little baby diaper sacks you typically would use.

Also, for those of you out there with small children, keep a few sacks inside your vehicle for unexpected stomach revolts and to help keep a handle on the trash accumulation.  Tie the handles of a bag someplace inside your vehicle and train your children to place any garbage inside.  This really helps keep your vehicle more organized and clean.


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