Playdate/ Potluck

Always thankful to be able to spend time with other families just like my own.  I’m glad that Isaac has other little boys and girls to play with close in age to him with Down syndrome so he will never feel alone or isolated as he grows older.  Can’t say enough about the importance of having a strong support group around you as you head down that path in life.  It’s like taking a stroll in the park and every time you start to get turned around and nervous about which direction to go, you look up and see a familiar smiling face waiting to help point you in the right direction.  That smiling face and the knowledge that you are not alone on the path does so much to help calm your nerves and give you courage to continue on your journey.  Love, love, love fellowshiping with my fellow Down syndrome families!!! 🙂

Just a few snap shots of Isaac and Sam having fun together.  These guys had a blast taking turns going down the plastic slide!  Thanks again, Brent and Vonda, for bringing Sam!  What a great afternoon. 🙂


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