Recycled Cleaning Towels

I’m not a huge recycler, but when I do find something in my home that I am able to re-use instead of throwing away, I’m happy to comply.

Today Eli asked me if he could help with the dusting.  Well, YEAH!!  No way on earth I’m going to pass up on an offer to help me clean the house. 🙂 He went to get the dusting cloths but came back upset because he only found one left on the shelf.  Thankfully I had a stack of old hospital baby blankets that had just gotten shoved into a corner.  You know, the ones the hospital sends home with you to use but are so incredibly ugly you want to chunk them the moment you arrive home.  The problem was solved once we cut up our blankets and had a nice stack of dusting/cleaning cloths to use around the house.  A bonus was Eli learning how to fold a towel in the process.  Hehe!

For those of you who just had a baby and have a stack those blankets or those of you who just didn’t clean out your closets yet and have them lying around, DON’T throw them out!  They make great baking towels to use when making bread and cake rolls as well as cleaning towels.  Why spend more money on a pack of wash cloths that you are only going to get nasty cleaning with or on expensive baking towels.  Save yourself the time and money and just cut up your old blankets.  The ends don’t fray no matter how many times you wash them, and they are the perfect texture for different household projects.


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