A Must-Read Book!

I can’t wait to read this book simply because there are so many aspects of it that I can relate.

I remember being told in the delivery room that there might be something wrong with Isaac and that the NICU nurse examining him noticed several Down syndrome features (i.e. fatty patch on the back of his neck, single palm crease, lower-set ears, almond-shaped eyes pointing downward, sandal toe, etc.).  I clung desperately to the words “Only a chance…won’t know for certain until you get the blood test results back” spoken by my doctor.

To this day I am so thankful for my husband and his calm, sure and steady attitude through it all.  As I was struggling not to fall apart at the seams, he was smiling and continually reassuring me that everything was going to be okay.  He was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to go to school with a boy who had Down syndrome.  Tim understood first hand what Down syndrome was and all the potential an individual has when born with that extra special chromosome.  He was able to view our son’s diagnosis with understanding and not fear.  I, on the other hand, had never met anyone with DS and was only able to form my opinion of the diagnosis based upon the medical definitions – very cold and bleak.

Just as the author stated she felt as if she was grieving the loss of the baby she had dreamed about for nine months, I also went through that same grieving process but I just didn’t know that’s what I should call it.  I was so confused over my emotions.  I loved my baby boy the minute I saw him, but would begin to fall apart every time I would hold him and begin thinking of the future and trying to imagine what he would be like all grown.

Fearing the unknown is the worst fear of all!  God has blessed us with a group of friends, doctors and therapists who have shown us that there is so much more to Down syndrome than the medical definition.  Now when I look at my little Isaac, I have a whole new set of dreams for him.  I’m his mom, so I never stop dreaming of what my children will become one day.  There is no limit to what Isaac will be able to do when he puts him mind to a task.

In just under two years, Isaac has taught all of us many, many valuable lessons that we would never have learned had God not blessed us with such an extraordinary little boy.  In the end, I believe Isaac will have taught us more than we will have ever taught him.


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