My Littles – Happy 4 Months to the Littlest!

Just a few pictures I took the other day while stuck at home with the sick-os.  This is what Isaac looks like while running a 101 degree fever.  You can’t gage how sick he is based on his attitude because he is happy about 99 percent of the time.  Still trying to ascertain if it is a result of his Down syndrome or just his own unique personality.  He reminds me a lot of my dad – always smiling.  Friends of mine have said that they couldn’t imagine my dad ever getting upset about anything.  When I look at Isaac, I catch myself thinking the same thing about him.

Glad that both littles are on the mend from whatever germs have been attacking their little systems.  Adam was happy and awake for a short time this morning and allowed me to take some pictures for his baby book documenting his 4-month birthday.  And of course my Mr. Ham had to get into as many shots as possible when he saw me taking pictures of his baby brother. 🙂

Isaac giving Adam a kiss.

I am a total push-over for those chunky little legs of his!  I LOVE my roly-poly man!  Happy 4 months, Adam!



2 thoughts on “My Littles – Happy 4 Months to the Littlest!

  1. love love love Isaac’s expressions. He is a precious little man & I agree, Adams little legs need kissed & squeezed. Love how the Lord has blessed your family!!

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